Journal of Burma Studies

Volume 2, Abstracts

Chinese Historical Sources on Burma: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Works

Sun Laichen

Sun Laichen's unique and valuable 100-plus page bibliography includes:

An annotated list of 135 Chinese primary sources on Burma from the pre-Tang through the Qing periods, complete with author-title index.

An introductory discussion of the availability and recent uses of these sources.

A list of introductions and collections of Chinese historical sources on Southeast Asia.

A list of Burmese, Chinese, English, French, and Japanese historical works on Burma that utilize the Chinese primary sources. Chinese names and book titles are shown in Chinese characters and in roman transcription.

"This annotated bibliography represents a tremendous amount of work and should be consulted by anyone interested in Sino-Burmese relations. Excellent and helpful." - Charles P. Giersch (University of Puget Sound)

"The paper is indeed an excellent introduction to the Chinese sources on Burma, unlike anything so far available in English, or even in Chinese." - Geoffrey Wade (University of Hong Kong)

"[A] very impressive work. No need to say, it will be most useful to many scholars working on China, Burma, and other countries in Southeast Asia." - Sylvie Pasquet (Etudes chinoises, CNRS, Paris)

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