International Burma Studies Conference 2008

Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115 USA
October 3-5, 2008

Panels, Papers, and Presenters

Friday (October 3, 2008)
10:00-12:00 Registration: Outside Regency Room
12:00-1:00 Crossings: Contemporary Asian Art Show Htein Lin Performance and De-Vernissage Reception
1:00-1:30 International Burma Studies Conference Opening - Regency Room
  Regency Room Capital Room North Capital Room South
1:30-3:00 Art History: Painting and Artifacts Film Viewing Music
  Alexandra Green
Nagas, Alchemists, Magic and Hell in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Burmese Wall Paintings
The Legend of Lady Hill (Pan Dandayi), Bryce Beemer, 2005 (131 min.) Gavin Douglas
The Slide Guitar in Post-Colonial Burma: Local Adaptations to a Global Instrument
  Catherine Raymond
Nineteenth Century Buddhist Cloth Painting from Burma
  Sayuri Inoue
The Formation of Genre Division in Burmese Classical Songs with Special Reference to Song Anthologies in Palm Leaf Manuscripts
  Ralph Isaacs
The Pongyibyan; Funeral Ceremonies of Senior Monks in 19th Century Burma and Associated Artifacts
  Kit Young
Adaptable Sonorities: Gita Lu Lin U Ko Ko’s Departures in Sundaya Tone and Style (Lobby for Piano Lecture)
3:00-4:30 Art History: Iconography and Architecture Film Viewing Nineteenth Century History and Culture
  Anne May Chew
The Rock-cut Temples of Shwe Ba Taung - Central Burma
The Legend of Lady Hill (Pan Dandayi) continued William Womack
Burma Studies on Tour: Baptist Portrayals of Burma in 1830s America
  Richard Cooler
The Pointed Arch at Pagan: What Shape Jambudvipa?
  Francois Tainturier
Building the ‘City of Dhamma’: King Mindon’s Foundation of Mandalay in the Face of Adversity
  Charlotte Galloway
A Pyu Transition at Bagan: Iconographic Links
  Tin Maung Kyi
A New Theory on the Evolution of Burmese Puppetry
  Alexandra De Mersan
The Making of a Buddha Image in Arakan
5:30-6:30 Exhibit Opening Reception Belief Made Tangible - NIU Art Museum
7:00-7:30 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Toe Hla - Ellington’s in Holmes Student Center
7:30-8:30 Dinner - Ellington’s
8:30-9:30 Film Festival - Sandburg Auditorium
Saturday (October 4, 2008)
7:00-8:00 Breakfast Regency Room
  Regency Room Capital Room North Capital Room South Sandburg Auditorium
8:00-9:45 Migration Within and Out of Burma: How to Cope and to What Effect? Questions of History and Historiography Shan 1
Chair: Nicola Tannenbaum
Film Viewing
  Inge Brees
Refugees as Transnational Actors: The Impact of Burmese Diaspora Engagement
Pat McCormick
The Rajawangsa Katha: Writing and Telling Mon Narrative Histories
Jane Ferguson
Blasting the Past; Or What Happens When the Silver Screen Promotes Burman-centric History Amongst Ethnically Diverse Viewers
When the Gate is Open (Palaung), Matt Maizels, 2008 (43 min.)
  Erin Taylor
Recent Resettlement of People from Burma and the (Re) Emergence of the “Burmese” Community in Australia
Benjamin Lemon
Collasophe, Historicity and the Decline of Pagan: Cyclical History and Historicism Verses Generativity in the Historiography of Pre-modern Myanmar
Nancy Eberhardt
What Does It Mean to Be Shan? Shifting Ethnic Markers for Shan in Northern Thailand
  Stephen Hull
The ‘Everyday Politics’ of IDP Protection in Karen State
U Thaw Kaung
Letwe Nawrahta (1723-1791):
Recorder of Myanmar History

read by Dr. Toe Hla
John Hartmann
The Chain of Chiang and Viang: Questions for Linguistics and Archaeology
  Rachel Sharples
Cyber Space: The Role of Technology in Mobilizing Displaced Karen in the Thailand-Burma Borderlands
  Jotika Khur-Yearn
A Book for the Dead: A Shan Buddhist Tradition Being a Means for the Preservation of their Cultural Identity
9:45-10:00 Coffee and Tea Regency Room
10:00-11:45 Political Science: Nation, State and Economy Education Shan 2
Chair: Jane Ferguson
Film Viewing
  Sean Turnell
Burma's Economy 2008:  Decline, Disaster....and Ways Forward
Rosalie Metro
Recognition of Identity as Control of Difference in Contemporary Burmese State History Textbooks
Nicola Tannenbaum
Being Shan on the Thai Side of the Border: Continuities and Transformations in Shan Culture and Identity in Maehongson, Thailand
U Po Sein: A Diamond in the Golden Land, Glenn Short, 2006, 53 min.
  Paul Sarno
The War on Drugs in Myanmar
Chika Wanatabe
NGOs in Burma/Myanmar: The Construction of Knowledge and Ethical Personhood in Capacity Building Activities
Francois Robinne
At the Confluence of Ethnic Reification and Ethnic Neutralization:  Two Contrast Cases in Northern and Southern Shan State
    Brooke Treadwell
At the Intersection of Education & Politics: How Teachers Negotiate Civic Education in Burma
Chit Hlaing (F. K. Lehman)
Port Polities in the Hills: Shan States and Trade in the China-Burma (Myanmar) Border Region
  Donna Hendry
Building a Bridge: Literal and Metaphorical Building of National Unity in Burma
Wunna Ko Ko
Myanmar Unicode: Comparative Study on Using Adhoc Fonts and Standardized Encoding for Myanmar Scripts
12:00-1:00 Lunch - Regency Room
Saturday (October 4, 2008) Continued ...
  Regency Room Capital Room North Capital Room South
1:00-2:30 Political Science: Intra-Asian Foreign Policy Sino-Burmese Lives and Cultures Historical Buddhisms
  Bo Bo
Importance of Emergence of Taiwan on the Foreign Policy of Burma
Tasaw Hsin-chun-Lu
The Soundscapes of Ethnic Chinese in Rangoon between 1949 and 1988
Respondent: Chit Hlaing
  Paribatra Pinitbhand
Dilemmas of Thailand’s Foreign Policy Toward Myanmar from 2001 to 2004: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
Wen-Chin Chang
Life History of Two Kokang Chinese in Burma
Jason Carbine
Buddhism, Law, and Sacred Space
  Renaud Egreteau
India’s Burma Policy in Question – Achievements and Setbacks of the New Indo-Burmese Partnership
Guy Lubeigt
The Chinese in Burma: Traditional Migration or Strategy for a Conquest
Alexey Kirichenko
Classification of Buddhist Literature in Burmese Inscriptions and “Histories of Pitaka” (Pitakat Thamaing)
  Kyi May Kaung
Weakness in the Traditional Area Studies Approach and Burma
  Lilian Handlin
Hybrid Buddhism in Early Pagan
      Patrick Pranke
Dhammazedi and the Writing of Mon Buddhist History
2:30-4:00 Round Table: Research in Burma: Difficulties and Dilemmas State Influence on Society and Culture Buddhism in early 20th and 21st Centuries
  Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung
• Literary Analysis
Myint Zan
Influences and Non-influences of Aspects of Western Thinking and Law Regarding Madness and (Criminal) Responsibility in Burmese Social and Legal Discourse
Erik Braun
The Rise of the Laity and the Origins of Insight Meditation
    Takahiro Iwaki
Re-examination of the Relation Between “The Upper Burma Village Regulation (1887)” and the Local Society
Alicia Turner
Shoes and Shikhos: Buddhism, Rituals and Boundaries of Religion
Paul Sarno
• Interview
Bryce Beemer
Southeast Asian Slavery and Slave Gathering Warfare as a Vector for Cultural Transmission: The Case of Burma and Thailand
Juliane Schober
The Saffron Revolution and Buddhist Social Engagement in Myanmar
  Tin Maung Maung Than
• Economic Research
  Patrick McCormick
• History Research
4:00-5:30 Roundtable: Burma's Constitutional Referendum: Fact or Fantasy? Language and Literature Ethnography
  John Brandon
Dominic Nardi
Myint Zan
Sean Turnell
Phyu Phyu Win
Burmese Language Used in Kyae Gaung & Shwe Li
Celine Coderey
Disease Conception and Traditional Medical Practice in Arakan
    Edith Piness and Oliver Pollak
Rereading Burmese Days in the early 21st Century
Ward Keeler
Why are Transvestites Better Than Women at Making Women Beautiful in Mandalay?
    Hans-Bernd Zollner
The Young Revolutionary and the Skeptic Nationalist. A Pilot Study Towards a Typology of Burmese Political Thought and Thinkers
Niklas Foxeus
The Annual Ceremony of an Ariyaweizzadhour Sect
    Chit Hlaing (F. K. Lehman)
Defining Personhood, Servanthood and Jurisdiction: Southeast Asian Polities vs. East and South Asian Polities Kyun, kha, nga
6:00-6:30 Cocktails - Altgeld Hall Ballroom (cash bar)
6:40-7:45 Burma Studies Gala Night Dinner - Altgeld Ballroom
7:45-9:15 Cultural Events - Altgeld Ballroom

Friday (October 5, 2008)
8:00-9:00 Breakfast Regency Room
  Regency Room
9:00-11:00 Responses to Cyclone Nargis
  Ingrid Jordt
Nargis Relief and the Entrenchment of Military Power in Burma
  Kit Young
Gitameit Music Center Unlearning Avoidance Shaun Sha Da
11:00-11:30 Closing Ceremony: In Memory of Ludu Daw Ahmar

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