About the Journal

The Journal of Burma Studies        

The Journal seeks to publish the best scholarly research focused on Burma/Myanmar and its minority and diasporic cultures from a variety of disciplines, ranging from art history and religious studies, to economics and law.  Published since 1997, it draws together research and critical reflection on Burma/Myanmar from scholars across Asia, North America and Europe. Print and online versions are now available. 

The Journal of Burma Studies is composed of three different sections. Refereed Articles, Research Notes that report on broader themes and works in progress and Scholarly Curiosities, short descriptions of objects from various disciplines. We welcome submissions for all three sections.

The Journal puts out two issues per year to respond to ever-growing scholarly output and offer more timely access to new research. We are particularly pleased to be able to highlight the work of new and emerging scholars and to further foster dialogue on Burma Studies internationally. We also assemble an international editorial board to expand our visibility and connections with scholars across continents and disciplines.

Please join us in these endeavors by subscribing to the Journal and encourage your university's library to subscribe.